DATA INTELLIGENCE HUB - For business customers


Open data portal for city administrations


Municipalities gather a lot of information. In order for citizens to be able to use this information, various types of data have to be collected, processed and published: Overviews of current construction sites or traffic jams, taxi and bike sharing locations, information about land registries or green areas, as well as public squares and event locations. This requires a suitable digital infrastructure, which, however, is often not available. A lack of tools and expertise as regards advanced analysis techniques such as machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) means the value of data analysis and processing is limited. Moreover, such a platform must offer the same conditions to all users, such as availability and free access, reuse and sharing, and universal participation.


With the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, customers can access a cloud-based platform for open data hosting. Thanks to this service, cities no longer need their own infrastructure for data provision. A simple web upload and an interface for automated data upload allow the desired content to be published at the touch of a button. Municipal employees save valuable time thanks to a simple interface. Features such as a search function, content categorization and data download all contribute to an improved user experience. Valuable extra functions, such as a connected AI workspace and a working environment with expert tools for specialists and citizens, create clear added value for users.


The Data Intelligence Hub provides users with a consolidated collection of all publicly accessible information in a data catalogue. This not only creates more transparency for citizens, but also improves the cooperation between all the parties involved. The value-added analytics can be developed by impartial data scientists and made available to all users. This neutrality enables all participants to provide impartial data. All users have data sovereignty at all times and determine the duration of use and intended use. Telekom guarantees that data will be used for the intended purpose. In addition, customers have the option of simply, transparently and, of course, securely tapping additional sources of income by monetizing their own databases.

Download: Open Data Portal Factsheet