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Release Notes

Hinweis: Derzeit sind Release Notes nur auf Englisch verfügbar.


The most significant enhancement in this release is the integration of a roles and rights concept. But also the map function has been significantly revised and expanded with a number of user-friendly functions. In addition, open data access via API is now possible.


Rights & Roles
  • New roles are available: Coordinator, System administrator, Commercial manager, Data expert, Premium member, Free member
  • Migration of existing user roles to the new structure
  • New roles can be assigned during the invitation process
  • Assigning and editing user roles of existing and new users in the organization account
  • Overview of assigned roles on the team overview page
Update Step Slider
  • Users are now able to define a granular input with a step slider
Update Status Tile
  • Integration of success-, progress-, empty-, and status-tiles
Map Search Bar
  • The search bar allows the user to enter everything releated to location: be it streets, regions or countries
  • Integration of autosuggestion for locations
  • Polygons and markers selection
Open Data Access via API
  • Open Data (Datasources that belong to data offers with public visibility and have a CKAN representation) are able to harvest from the DIH via an API without having a token.