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What we do, what worked well, what didn’t work …

This site is about (1) data and (2) its impact in automobility 

“Data is information ore” (Peter Drucker) and has to be extracted, refined, mined for any value to emerge … our series on “Economics of Data” starts from scratch to lay out the challenges systematically … plus first solutions from data products to factories to data spaces – what’s a data space?
Our series on “Mobility Analytics” is applying “Economics of Data” to the data-driven transformation of the automotive business … it starts from scratch to lay out the challenges systematically … plus first examples from intermodal travel to data spaces like the German Mobility Dataspace and the Catena-X automotive network.
We help companies transform with cloud first and data Platform-as-a-Service tools, such as our Telekom Data Intelligence Hub. 

Thank you and enjoy. 

Mobility Analytics Series

5. Berlin digital twin: Yes, intermodal traffic is faster! (link)
4. What’s holding back intermodal mobility? Is there a customer value problem? (link)
3. Stuck in traffic: How bad is it … do we age faster … how can we fix it? (link)
2. Power shift to data: The auto-less auto company? (link)
1. The service shift: New mobility as big as traditional automotive (link)

Economics of Data Series

6. Welcome to “data space”: Storage is secondary – IT Director interview with Prof. Chris S. Langdon (link)
5. Data factories for data products (link)
4. Success with “small data” through specialized analytics (link)
3. Data: Quantity or quality? (link)
2. Data: How to measure it? (link)
1. Data is broken: The data productivity crisis (link)

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