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Welcome to our Smart Mobility microsite

Short blog posts about (1) data and (2) its impact in automobility 

“Data is information ore” (Peter Drucker) and has to be extracted, refined, mined for any value to emerge … our series on “Economics of Data” starts from scratch to lay out the challenges systematically … plus first solutions from data products to factories to data spaces – what’s a data space?
Our series on “Mobility Analytics” is applying “Economics of Data” to the data-driven transformation of the automotive business … it starts from scratch to lay out the challenges systematically … plus first examples from intermodal travel to data spaces like the German Mobility Dataspace and the Catena-X automotive network.

Thank you and enjoy. 

About Us

We help companies transform with cloud first and data Platform-as-a-Service tools, such as our Telekom Data Intelligence Hub. 

Mobility Analytics Series

5. Berlin digital twin: Yes, intermodal traffic is faster!,  link
4. What’s holding back intermodal mobility? Is there a customer value problem?,  link
3. Stuck in traffic: How bad is it … do we age faster … how can we fix it?,  link
2. Power shift to data: The auto-less auto company?,  link
1. The service shift: New mobility as big as traditional automotive,  link

Economics of Data Series

6. Data space, sovereignty,  supermarket:  IT Director interview with Prof. Chris S. Langdon, link
5. Data factories for data products, link
4. Success with “small data” through specialized analytics, link
3. Data: Quantity or quality?, link
2. Data: How to measure it?, link
1. Data is broken: The data productivity crisis, link