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Building information management pays out


In order to save resources and protect the climate and the environment, it is necessary to optimize the consumption of resources in buildings. These include resources such as electricity, temperature, or lighting. In order to obtain optimal results regarding the consumption of resources, monitoring of real-time conditions is essential. For this purpose, various IoT sensor data and Building Information Management (BIM) models must be combined and evaluated.


To combine the data and models, each BIM model component is given an ID that can be linked to the IDs of the IoT devices. Once this link is established, the information from the data can then be combined and analyzed.
As a uniform and sovereign data platform, the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is used to aggregate and process data.
In addition, the Data Intelligence Hub enables a variety of visualizations, so that the building areas/components can be clearly displayed.

Advantages of the Data Intelligence Hub

The Data Intelligence Hub makes it possible to link a variety of data sources together, even if they have different formats. In addition, the data can be combined with BIM models, saving resources and allowing optimal and individual adaptation to the building.
The real-time IoT data from the buildings can be visualized in 3D models or building components.
In order to optimize resource management, the Data Intelligence Hub also provides options for performing data analysis.