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In our new format, our experts will introduce you to interesting facts about artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, data management and data analysis. Look forward to exciting content in the coming months. From June we will start with the live sessions. Do you have a question about the Data Intelligence Hub that you have always wanted to ask?

In the first live sessions we will look at the Data Intelligence Hub from different angles. Learn how the Data Intelligence Hub can help you efficiently manage and analyze data. Simply sign up using the links below and learn more about the first data marketplace with true data sovereignty.


Verleihen Sie Daten Intelligenz – Telekom’s Data Intelligence Hub live

Time Thursday, 06.06.19, 16:00 – 16:30
Speaker Benjamin Thorand
Topic In the live demo, we will impressively present the possibilities of the Data Intelligence Hub and explain the different functionalities. Using an example, we will also show how to create and work with models quickly and easily.
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Smart cities, smart companies – with a little help of Telekom’s Data Intelligence Hub

Time Wednesday, 03.07.19, 16:00 – 16:30
Speaker Serif Aktas
Topic Local information is pure gold. This is particularly true for towns and municipalities, but also for companies with a strong regional focus. Citizens and customers alike are interested in data from traffic and environmental sensors, facts about tourist attractions, and where WiFi hotspots are located. Learn more about the co-creation principle and discover smart city solutions sustained by a communal data pool involving a wide range of stakeholders. The Data Intelligence Hub from Deutsche Telekom provides companies and local authorities with a platform for sharing their data efficiently in a structured form so that others can use it.
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