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Driving the data ecosystem – IDSA Summit 2019

Finally it was time for the 2nd IDSA Summit.
After the first successful Summit 2018 at PwC, Deutsche Telekom invited to the IDSA Summit from June 25 – 26, 2019.

What is the IDSA?

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) was founded to ensure data sovereignty through an open and vendor-independent architecture for a peer-to-peer network. This should enable a usage control of data from all areas.
With more than 90 companies and institutions from various industries and 18 countries, not only business but also research is involved in creating a trustworthy architecture for data management.

Topics at the IDSA Summit

Deutsche Telekom is organizing this year’s IDSA Summit to create networks and discuss all aspects of data exchange.
These were this year’s highlights:

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Data Intelligence Hub first to receive IDSA seal “IDS_ready”

Deutsche Telekom is heavily involved in the IDSA and promotes the IDS seal. With the “IDS_ready” (IDS = International Data Spaces) seal, manufacturers promise to provide a trustworthy unit for data security and data sovereignty within a data room.
The “Data Intelligence Hub” platform manages to combine data exchange with data security and sovereignty. This enables companies to exchange data across industries and process and analyze it directly in order to gain a foothold in the industry 4.0.
Furthermore, the Data Intelligence Hub was the first German platform to be certified with the “IDS_ready” seal, which will also be discussed at the Summit.