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HERE – Leading location data provider joins the Deutsche Telekom DIH

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HERE is a leading provider of mapping and location data and related services to individuals and companies covering sectors such as Automotive, Public Sector & Infrastructure, Transportation & Logistics. Their data assets are widely used for developing applications that enable safer driving, optimization of last-mile delivery including the enablement of real-time visibility within supply chains.  By being a data partner on the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, it is easier than ever to incorporate precise and timely location data and services from HERE into your data analytics projects, CRM-systems, tracking solutions and enterprise information management systems

Location Data

HERE offers an extensive spectrum of quality data sets that include all important KPIs when it comes to building location- or traffic-data based solutions. Utilizing data from multiple sources (such as cellular stations or cars that are equipped with LiDAR scanners) enables HERE to offer a variety of different categories of data to choose from. Below is a list of four data categories that are currently available on the DIH-Marketplace.

HERE 3D Geodata Models

HERE Cellular Signals

HERE Traffic Patterns

HERE Places Extract

HERE Location Data in a Practice

Location data is not limited to one specific industry and rather serves as the foundation within many data-driven solutions. The resulting applications, insights and benefits can be of great value for anyone. To give an example we may take a look at a selection of industries that can and already do benefit from the practical evaluation of location data. In this context, we can easily assign possible applications of the four HERE data categories onto the selection of industries listed below.

Public Sector:
Transportation and Logistics: