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You can find all data offers of the Data Intelligence Hub in the MARKETPLACE.

In the overview you will find

  • a pre-selection of trending data offers
  • topic-based categories with the number of offers they contain

The most important information is contained in the brief summary of the offers (tiles):

  • Title
  • Provider
  • Date of update
  • Available formats (csv, geoJSON, JSON, xml, zip, pdf …)
  • Usage fee
  • Availability

What you can see as a user in the MARKETPLACE of the Data Intelligence Hub differs according to the user group:

  • When logged-in as a team member of an organization, you can see all MARKETPLACE offers and order them, depending on your user rights.
  • With a Personal account, regardless of whether you belong to the team of a registered organization or have only registered as an individual user, you will see open data offers that are free of charge. In future you will also see commercial data offers. However, you can only order the former.
  • As a user who is not logged in to the Data Intelligence Hub, you will only see open data offers that are free of charge, which you can order after registering.
  • On external versions of the Data Intelligence Hub, such as communal pages, you can download open data offers without registering.

The use of the MARKETPLACE is described below as you would experience it when logged in as a member of an organization – supplemented with notes for personal use.

Searching for data offers

You can find matching offers using a keyword search.

If your search does not return any results,

  • check that you have spelled the search term correctly
  • try it with
    • fewer search terms
    • synonyms
    • a superordinate search term
Sorting and filtering data offers

You can sort the results of your search, as well as all offers (“View all”), and refine them by using filters.Sort

Use the selection menu to sort your search results by relevance, topicality, and preference.


You can also filter your search results by clicking on a filter above the search results and defining your preferred parameters:

  • Formats, period, license types, topics, more filters

Set one or more checkmarks in the filter selection menus. Next to each option, the number of corresponding available offers is displayed.


With this filter, you can limit the search results according to time:
As soon as you click on one of the date fields, two calendar views (current month) will open. Define the desired period by

  • using the arrow buttons to choose the month in the current year and selecting your start and end date in these months.
  • If your desired period is more than a year, click on the month in the first calendar view – you will see a list with years. Select a year, then a new list will open showing the months in this year.
  • The first day of the selected month is your starting point. Proceed as before to select the end point in the second calendar. The last day of the month selected there is your end point. By clicking on a date in the month views, you can then define a specific start and end date.

More filters

Depending on the size of your screen, one or more filters can be seen. The remaining filters can always be found in “Other filters”. To further refine very large numbers of results, click on “More filters” at the right-hand end of the bar.

This will open an overlay with additional filters, with which you can further refine very large numbers of results. You can open the input option for the respective filter by setting the slider to “ON”.

  • Region
    With this filter, you can limit the search results to the spatial reference of the data contained within those offers: to do this, zoom in on and move the displayed map using the cursors as well as “+” and “–”.

Confirm the selection with “Apply filter”. Click on “Cancel” at the bottom of the overlay to reject the “More filters” settings. The overlay closes and you are returned to the page with the (if applicable, filtered) offers.

Sorting the filtered results list

You can sort the results list by relevance, rating, topicality, and preference by clicking on the corresponding links.

Removing and changing filters

Click on the “X” next to a filter to remove it, so that offers without this restriction are again displayed in your results list.

You can remove all other filters by clicking on the “X” next to “More filters”. In order to change just a number of the additional filters, click on “More filters”. The overlay will open again. Here you can adapt or completely remove all other filters and “Apply” your changes.

Data offers – individual view

The detail view of an offer contains the familiar summary in the upper area:

  • Title
  • Provider
  • Available formats (csv, geoJSON, JSON, xml, zip, pdf …)
  • Type of data: static data or stream
  • License type (cc-by, iodl, opendata, opengov, national …)
  • Creation date
  • Date of update
  • Availability

Using tab navigation, you can find more detailed information on the data offer:

  1. Description
    • If available, this is where you will find a detailed description of the offer, keywords, topics, examples of application, and images.
  2. Sample data
    • If the data provider supplies sample data, you can switch between different display options here:
      • Table
      • Map
      • Diagram
      • Raw data


  1. Specifics
    • Here you will find (if supplied by the data provider)
      • files and/or links to documentation
      • a list of the data included in the offer (can be sorted by clicking on the column header)
      • a map in which the data is shown by geographical area
      • information on origin and topicality
      • a reference URL

Order data

Click on “Order” in the brief summary or detailed view of the data offer. (You can cancel the ordering process at any time by clicking on the “X” in the top left corner.)

Check the order details. Is everything as desired?

Continue by clicking on CHECK LICENSE on the left.

Check and accept the license agreement, which you can also download here as a file.

If everything is correct: “Confirm order”.


Using your data

Login required

Using your personal workspace or a workspace of your organization as a registered user of the Data Intelligence Hub, data ordered in the MARKETPLACE can be

  • opened directly with an analytics tool
  • made available within a workspace for processing
  • or downloaded to your PC or server

If you are registered but not currently logged in, you will have to log in at the top right of the page to be able to use this function.

Don’t have an account yet? Then you will see the “Register to use” button during order placement. This will take you to the registration page in the Data Intelligence Hub.


Offer already purchased

If you have already purchased the desired data offer, the “Order” link will take you to the “Orders” area in the CONTROL CENTER.

Provider profile

Click on the name of the data provider in the brief summary or on the offer details page to open the provider’s profile.

Depending on what information the provider has made available, you will see:

  • a description of the organization and its field of activity
  • other profiles available online and on social media
  • keyword search of the provider’s data offers (with various filter and sorting functions)
  • Offer highlights
  • All offers from the provider
  • The data provider’s contact (top right of the page), the button will open a contact form