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Against COVID-19: Hackathon of German Government, #HackCorona – Telekom DIH is engaged

Data scientists, entrepreneurs, researchers, and tech professionals around the world are stepping up the fight against COVID-19. The federal German government kicks off its hackathon (#WirvsVirus) this weekend, March 20th-22nd 2020. Data Natives is launching #HackCorona in its global community of data scientists. 

Deutsche Telekom is joining this fight sharing people movement data with health authorities like the Robert-Koch-Institute, helping to fight coronavirus. The data is anonymous and aggregated – respecting Europe’s stringent privacy laws, making it possible to map concentrations and movements of people in ‘hot zones’ where COVID-19 has taken hold. 

#HackCorona from Data Natives encourages participants to seek solutions for 4 specific problems:

The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is directly supporting Data Natives and #HackCorona offering critical data analytics and data exchange infrastructure (see: The Data Intelligence Hub provides a cloud-based workspace with analytics tools and its expert data scientists are actively involved in the challenges.

Other worldwide challenges in the fight against the virus, Kaggle’s CORD-19 Research Challenge: