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FAZ Sees “EU facing the data battle” – DIH Plays a Central Role as Data Trustee

Why the European Commission Should Revise its Data Governance Act â?? Center for Data Innovation

The New Proposal of Legislation

The FAZ has received a new draft law for the sovereign handling and exchange of industrial data within the EU (“Data Governance Act”, link to FAZ article).  The motivation behind the new edition is based on the endeavor to enforce valid European laws within data security and on the other hand it is based on the long-term goal to create an independent and innovation-promoting European data space. The draft shows a clear rise in importance for neutral data trustees, who according to the Data Governance Act will take on one of the core roles within a secure European data space: “The emergence of neutral data negotiators could be the basis for a European model for data exchange […]”. The neutral data trustees as intermediaries between companies that produce the data and those that want to use it, thus represent a European alternative to the well-known big-tech platforms such as Amazon or Google. According to the draft, data trustees are therefore only those providers who meet strict requirements, such as representation within the EU. This ensures that the data and its processes are handled within the European legal area and enables the necessary intervention of European or national authorities. Furthermore, the Data Governance Act takes up one of the guiding principles of data sovereignty:  No provider acting as a neutral data trustee should be allowed to derive its own commercial benefit from its customers’ data: “The provider may use the data exclusively to make it available to its users,” the text states.

Significance for the DIH

The Europe-based Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) of Deutsche Telekom AG is a pioneer and well-positioned as a data trustee for the new data economy. With its technical architecture, the DIH is already based on the strict requirements of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and the International Data Spaces (IDS) standard, which in turn form a basis for the new, pan-European data infrastructure GAIA-X (“IDS is DIN SPEC 27070”). With Telekom DIH, a first GAIA-X compatible offer for the development of data-driven business concepts is already available, which enables implementations of European data sovereignty. The first pioneers are already on the way and trust Telekom DIH as a data trustee for the development of their new data businesses:

These practical examples show in concrete terms how regulation and business can work hand in hand to advance strategic innovation topics quickly and sustainably. The protection of data sovereignty is an important value of the member states of the European Union and requires the attention and responsible action of all participants in a European data space. The new regulation also rewards the DIH’s early investments and key objectives and strengthens its role as a neutral, trustworthy, and important pioneer within a European data space.