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Frequently asked questions

The Data Intelligence Hub from Deutsche Telekom is a B2B platform for the secure exchange, processing and analysis of data from diverse organizational and professional fields.

The Data Intelligence Hub’s basic functions include:

  • A Marketplace for data exchange
  • A Personal workspace to process data
  • Analytics tools (limited selection)

and for registered organizations – businesses and public institutions:

  • Supply and sale of their own data offers in the Marketplace
  • A workspace as required – for an unlimited number of projects and teams
  • A growing selection of commercial analytics tools
  • Unlimited cloud storage, unlimited processing power

We are working on:

  • A Connector for secure peer-to-peer data transfer
  • The possibility to trade data (data monetization) and analyses, and the ability to develop your own analytics tools
  • Data analytics on demand: data analytics by the expert team from the Data Intelligence Hub

On the Marketplace in the Data Intelligence Hub, businesses and public institutions can find a large number of data sets which they can use for their own analytics or combine with data from other businesses or institutions.

Optimize processes, improve performance, capture new market sectors: Use the AI and analytics tools from the Data Intelligence Hub to gain business-relevant insights from data you have or data you acquire from the Marketplace, or use the tools to develop new data-driven business models.

You will find some examples of this here:; for further examples of typical use cases, visit the journal

Registered organizations have more options than registered individuals: They can offer data on the Marketplace themselves and use commercial analytical tools. Soon they will also be able to transfer data directly using a Connector.


In their workspace, registered organizations can start an unlimited number of projects. It is up to you who and how many you want to invite to work with you.

Work on projects together

Registered organizations can come together to find results: Create dream teams  where you invite colleagues and experts to work on your projects.

Performance without limits

Registered organizations enjoy limitless storage space and cloud computing capacity.  Cost controlling included: You will only pay for what you actually use.

Overview of functions

  • Publish your own data offers
  • Unlimited processing capacity
  • Unlimited storage
  • Work in teams

… and coming soon:

Access to commercial data

Registered organizations have access to all the data put on the Marketplace by providers. Draw inspiration from the various themes and examples of practical applications to develop your own projects.

Offer your own data on the Marketplace

Registered organizations can offer their own data on the Marketplace. Using the sophisticated authorization control panel, you can decide who has access to your data.

Further options

  • Use commercial tools
  • Use commercial data offers
  • Use the Connector

Registered individuals (whether they are part of team from a registered organization or not) have access to all the free Open Data offers on the Marketplace and can process the data in their personal workspace using a small selection of open source tools.

The Data Intelligence Hub has a basic account for personal use as well as a different account type for organizations. To take advantage of the extensive range of services offered by an Organization account, you will first need to register a personal account. Once you have logged in for the first time, you can then register your business or institution as an organization.

Personal registration

Enter an e-mail address and password. Please note that your password should follow the guidelines (eight or more characters, upper and lowercase letters, at least one number, at least one special character (except <>&”‘[]). Confirm the Data Intelligence Hub’s privacy policy and terms of service.

Finally, click ‘Register now’ (button).

Confirm registration

You will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address provided with the subject line: ‘Data Intelligence Hub: Confirm registration’. Confirm your registration by clicking on the relevant link in the e-mail. Please note that the confirmation link will only remain valid for 60 minutes for security reasons. If required, you can again attempt registration after that time. The confirmation link will bring you to the Data Intelligence Hub where, for example, you can explore the Marketplace.

The Data Intelligence Hub is the first data Marketplace to fulfill the strict security standards of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA). Our data protection standards (see, a sophisticated data trust architecture, decentralized data management and subscriber certification are evidence of the high security standards.

Your data will be stored in a public cloud in the European Union. With massive scalability, it is an excellent source for big data analytics and applications.

In relation to data you offer on the Marketplace, you have two basic options:

  1. You can offer static data. In which case, you upload data into the Data Intelligence Hub and your consumers simply download it after completing their order.
  2. Soon, you will also be able to transfer data directly to your consumers using the Connector (peer to peer).
In the Data Intelligence Hub’s Marketplace, you will find data on logistics, weather, economics, public administration to name only a few areas. A lot of the data has a connection to the Internet of Things (IOT). Ultimately, it is up to the data providers to decide which data is interesting or relevant enough to offer for sale on the Marketplace.

Commercial data offers (coming soon) are subject to the principle of data sovereignty. The provider can determine who can see or use the data they offer.

All of the Open Data offered on the Marketplace comes from public and free-to-access sources such as the European Data Portal.

Chargeable commercial data (coming soon) provided by organizations registered at the Data Intelligence Hub is subject to the license conditions of the provider and are endorsed by the consumer.

Each data offer you place on the Marketplace comes with a license where the user terms & conditions (how, where, for what purpose or for how long) for that offer are set out. The terms in the license are entirely up to you. Because of the many usage scenarios and possible restrictions, we do not prescribe any standard licenses.
Because data sovereignty is the most important principle behind the Data Intelligence Hub, it is neither possible nor permitted for T-Systems to check the quality of data sets made available by external providers.  Without their explicit permission, we do not have access to providers’ data. This is why each provider is responsible for the quality of the data they provide.

You can find more detailed information on this in our General Terms & Conditions.

We update the Hub with fresh information from open sources and Open Data Portals on a weekly basis. You can read when each offer was created and when it was uploaded to the Data Intelligence Hub in each offer’s meta data.

Updates to data offers from commercial providers (coming soon) are the responsibility of the individual providers.

The open source tool Jupyter can be used by registered individuals (whether they are part of an organization’s team or not) in their personal workspace.

Registered organizations have a much broader (and growing) selection of Open Source and commercial tools at their disposal. You will find a full list of tools here:

You will find answers to specific questions on the tools and libraries in the Technical Documentation [technical documentation/github].

If you want to use a particular tool to process your data in the Data Intelligence Hub and it is not available there, we would be delighted to hear more about it here: We are continually developing the platform and we are happy to integrate tools and services wanted by our users.