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AIHack4Diversity powered by Data Intelligence Hub

“Diverse teams can often receive better results than homogeneous teams” – That was the approach for the AIHack4Diversity Hackathon on the 24th and 25th in Berlin. Seven teams with members from different backgrounds, ages, gender, religion, disabilities, education, sexual orientation or other individual aspects had around 24 hours to face the cybersecurity challenge.

Use Attacker Data to Predict Security Threats

For 2 weeks the Data Intelligence Hub collected data of honeypots, which were then provided to the teams via the platform. The question: What findings can be drawn from this data, using machine learning, what helpful predictions can be made? One team answered this question better than any other: Team Green won the challenge with their architecture solution approach. Furthermore, they convinced the jury with their teambuilding process (André Vorbach) and paying close attention to the given guidelines (Rohit Kumar from Avira).

Team Green next to Kenza Ait Si Abbou: Jonathan Lüderitz, Huy Dang Ngoc, Jeannine Born, Lee Jiyeong, Stayko Popov received the reward of 5000 € from sponsor Christina Schulte-Kutsch

Incredible Results in a Short Time

Diverse teams have a big advantage. In the end, it is like Axel Menneking from Hub:raum said: “Everyone is a winner”. The participants were quickly able to adapt to the challenge and utilize the skills of their diverse team to develop a unique solution (A summary of the hackathon from a participants point of view in the article: “Telekom AIHack4Diversity – a human learning journey to machine learning ). The final decision was a “close call” and team Green was closely followed by team BeeKEEPERS and DIVENGERS



Data Intelligence Hub as Hidden Winner

For us, the stable work of the Data Intelligence Hub makes it a hidden winner as well. We were able to measure and analyze the utilized CPU Usage of each team and were happy to see that the winner clearly used the platform to nearly 100%.

Pod usage by the teams

The Diverse Data Intelligence Hub Team Strives to Achieve the Best Results

Ultimately, we from the Data Intelligence Hub could not agree more with the theme of the hackathon. Diverse teams can often create better results, due the unique skills they add to the team. The team from Julia Oelgart consist of people from all over the world and possess individual skills. For example, our German data analysts, who spend over 20 years in America and our native German lawyer, who grew up in Brazil. Young students and senior experts, team members with different backgrounds in sale, management, programming etc. work together daily to improve the Data Intelligence Hub.
We were happy to support the hackathon AIHack4Diversity together with Claudia Pohlink, Mardia Niehaus, John Calian, Christina Schulte-Kutsch, Sven Löffler and Axel Menneking as sponsors. Initiated by Kenza Ait Si Abbou Lyadini and realized with her wonderful team.