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Cities & Towns Move Towards Digitization

Towns and municipalities in Germany have recognized the immense potential of digitization. 91% of municipalities rate the added value of digital changes as high or very high.

The Zukunftsradar (future radar) of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB) shows that enormous tasks await the cities and municipalities in Germany. In order not to lose the connection here, the digital transformation must be tackled quickly and with targeted measures. Together with the DStGB, Deutsche Telekom supports the stakeholders in developing the most important technical solutions and is launching a new initiative: the “Executive Program Digital Cities & Regions”. The partners develop intelligent, tailor-made solutions. The aim: to promote digitization in the cities and communities. For this purpose, 50 mayors and experts have specified the tasks.

Read more about the initiative in the Telekom press release HERE and more about the great opportunities of digitization HERE.


The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub in 2 minutes!

Sebastian Wiemann, Product Manager of the DIH explains you the DIH and its concept in only 2 minutes – recorded at the Hannover Messe 2018. Find out MORE about the DIH in retrospect at the Hannover Messe 2018.

The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub University Initiative

Deutsche Telekom is launching the Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) – THE innovative data exchange and trading platform with an integrated suite of open source and commercial AI tools to support IoT and Industry 4.0 businesses. It has been implemented using standards developed under the International Data Spaces (IDS) with Fraunhofer Institutes and funding from the German government.


Seeking Data Analytics Pioneers

In order to support the market introduction the DIH launch will be complemented with the “DIH University Initiative.” It is focused on short and longer term objectives: the “DIH ß-Launch Program” to offer first users the exclusive access on the DIH to try it out and see it’s benefits, and the “DIH University Program” to enable universities and research to enrich their projects with the DIH.


Why using DIH? – Top 3 Unique Selling Points


How to use the DIH? – Top 3 Use Cases


How to join?

If you want to be part of the DIH University Initiative and be one of the first users e-mail us HERE!