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Telekom data sandbox: Try small, fail fast, scale big

Boost your data analytics efforts – join the “data sandbox.” In data analytics today, more than 80% of the time budget is spent on data processing alone. Join the “data sandbox” to create more results faster by benefiting from (a) experiments with complementary data types and (b) better data.

Free data – no upfront cost

The “data sandbox” is about experimentation, trial and error, fail fast – and for free, without financial commitment. Simply bring your data; we can match it with complementary datasets from our Telekom Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) so that you can create data analytics success stories faster.

Win-Win Equation = Your Data + Our Free Data and Tools
The Results Are Yours.*

No tricks, our disclaimer:

* For commercial use of our data and results, such as algorithms built with our data, the data or rights to the data would have to be purchased.

Your benefits

Join the club: Our current partners include leading technology and digital commerce companies, such as Deutsche Telekom and IBM. Our data types include weather data, people traffic or movement data, and well-curated and cataloged open-source data.

  1. Experiment with “data sandwiches” using complementary data types, accepting terms and conditions of the respective data provider
  2. Benefit from top-quality data
  3. Think big, start small, scale fast

Use case examples

Schlueter Langdon, C. 2019. The New Space Race and Importance of Behavioral Data – Insights for Smart Cities and New Mobility. Telekom Data Intelligence Hub Journal, link
Schlueter Langdon, C., and H. Neuse. 2018. From IoT to Internet of Production. Telekom Data Intelligence Hub Journal (November 29th), link