DATA INTELLIGENCE HUB - For business customers


Your advantages

The Data Intelligence Hub is the a secure marketplace for data, data analysis tools, and algorithms across multiple companies and industries. It acts as an interface through which providers and users of data and solutions come into contact and interact effectively.

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Develop new business areas

The Data Intelligence Hub provides you with a holistic market overview of data, some of which are freely available, some are offered for sale and purchase. Following the “shared economy” principle, you receive new information or insights that you can turn into innovative business ideas. At the same time, you have access to industry and AI experts as well as their proven intelligent applications and algorithms. In this way, you jointly develop data-driven end-to-end solutions for your business.

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Optimize processes

With the Data Intelligence Hub, you can use the information you already have more efficiently. The analysis specialists and tools on hand help transform existing unstructured data into business-relevant insights. Enriched with purchased external data, they provide the perfect foundation for optimizing your own processes and boosting the company’s own efficiency. The Data Intelligence Hub is not just a marketplace; you can also use it as a secure infrastructure for storing and processing the information.

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Increase business performance

You want to sell your data – the Data Intelligence Hub has the relevant stakeholders. Simple, transparent and secure, you can offer data for sale or for project-specific use. In this way, you generate additional sources of revenue and, thanks to your data sovereignty, you can decide yourself to whom to sell. A harmonized and contextual search makes it easier to find relevant information and providers.