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Dr. Karsten Schweichhart
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Dr. Karsten Schweichhart

Dr. Schweichhart studied computer science at the TU Berlin and in Bonn. He earned his doctorate in economics in Kassel. Since 1993, Dr. Schweichhart has been responsible for several roles in the Deutsche Telekom Group. Among the most important are Head of Group IT Strategy, CIO of the subsidiary T-Nova and Head of Group Enterprise Architecture. Today, this experience forms the basis of his involvement in Business Development IoT with a focus on Industry 4.0, data economics and analytics. Dr. Schweichhart is a member of the AG1 reference architecture of the Industry 4.0 platform and co-author of RAMI 4.0. He is also a member of the Expert Panel of the DIN/DKE Industry 4.0 Standardization Council and is involved in Bitkom's Industry 4.0 working group. Dr. Schweichhart is co-founder and chairman of the Cross-Business-Architecture Lab e.V.

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