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T-Systems is #1

T-Systems is Germany’s leading IT-service provider for the automotive industry. Clients benefit from reliable operations of global backend systems (EU, US, China), leading innovation and super-fast 5G and edge communications.

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Release Notes

We end this year with a handful of Marketplace and Workspace improvements. We introduced a new tool, JupyterLab, and improved the tools page overall in many aspects. Furthermore we fixed several bugs and simplified working with data sources and files.

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Against COVID-19: Hackathon of German Government, #HackCorona – Telekom DIH is engaged

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub joins the fight against COVID-19. In its #HackCarona hackathon, Data Natives calls on data scientists worldwide to join forces as a team and find solutions.

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NPM – National Platform Future of Mobility and Telekom

Germany’s automotive industry has been its economic powerhouse for years. Now, its own success may be a problem. Cities are full of cars; traffic is getting worse … Plus digitalization and new technology are transforming the business.

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A human digital twin with data sovereignty: Say hello to “DaWID”

Hollywood already invented them: avatars, cyborgs, androids, clones. Today, leading politicians, managers and investors speak about the Digital Twin as a reflection of people as something perfectly natural. But where remains the data sovereignty?

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Telekom, IBM and IDSA on stage

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub at Europe’s biggest data science conference by Data Natives, a community of 70.000+ data experts. Telekom is presenting with partners IBM and IDSA.

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AIHack4Diversity powered by Data Intelligence Hub

The Data Intelligence Hub supported this years AIHack4Diversity in Berlin. Under the theme “Diverse teams can often receive better results than homogeneous teams”, 7 teams tried to solve the honeypot challenge.

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Mobility-as-a-Service @ Telekom Headquarters

No longer missing out on innovation … Startup Autobahn presents a curated lineup of start-up stars to select automakers and suppliers in the automobility ecosystem.

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Daimler invites top suppliers: EDM CAE Forum

Every two years Daimler invites its top suppliers for two days of exhibits, keynotes, presentations and expert talks: New developements with connected, autonomous, electrified and shared automobility.

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Digital twin speeds it up – for example a break

Mistakes and errors slow down production and cost money. How to prevent it? Wouldn’t it be ideal to identify defects prior to production? “Frontloading” with digital twins can do the trick.

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