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Create value from data

Data is the new gold – and you can mine it with the Data Intelligence Hub: Use this innovative platform to securely and efficiently exchange, process and analyze data. Retain full sovereignty over your data. Our vision: the development of new data-driven services and applications for machine learning or artificial intelligence.

Seize opportunities

Get better results with more information – effective data sharing enables you to develop new, future-oriented, competitive and data-driven business models.

Gain insights

Exchange and use: The Data Intelligence Hub can help you turn existing or acquired unstructured data into business-crucial insights with AI and analysis specialists.

Boost potential

Your company’s data is a valuable asset: Accessing your own database with the Data Intelligence Hub allows you to tap additional sources of revenue in a simple, transparent and secure manner.

This is how the Data Intelligence Hub works


Data marketplace

Exchange and process data both in and beyond your own sector: The marketplace provides entirely new ways to execute your data strategy.


Big data analytics from the cloud

The Data Intelligence Hub offers a wide spectrum of proven analysis tools. Work on your own or collaborate on projects – regardless of your own hardware infrastructure.


Full control

Publish your data and analyzes individually: Who is allowed to view them, who to explore, who to process? All could be managed at once in the Data Intelligence Hub.

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Highly secure

Exchange data with all of your business partners along the data value chain and across international borders. You can rely on our infrastructure and security standards.

Easy transfer via Connector


Receiving and providing are getting quite simple through the Connector. The application based on the open source software Apache Kafka provides an interface for loading and processing data streams. Especially for large amounts of data and peer-to-peer install the connector locally on your server.

Material order optimization

All materials must be "just-in-time" so orders must be coordinated with all actors in order to ensure smooth delivery. Data processing helps to optimize the process. Everyone recieves the relevant data and a translation service ensures, that there are no missunderstandings.

Open use case

Self-Determined Business in the Industry 4.0 Through Collaborative Condition Monitoring

All participants along the value chain can profit from collaborative use of data. The new Use Case "Collaborative Condition Monitoring" shows how this can be accomplished.

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A human digital twin with data sovereignty: Say hello to "DaWID"

Hollywood already invented them: avatars, cyborgs, androids, clones. Today, leading politicians, managers and investors speak about the Digital Twin as a reflection of people as something perfectly natural. But where remains the data sovereignty?

Open use case

Smart farming

Farmers are highly dependent on weather and soil. Smart farming in agriculture helps to optimise products in terms of quality, quantity and pricing. With the help of the Data Intelligence Hub, agricultiral data can be mixed with weatherdata in order to take measures to prevent negative effects.

Open use case

Smart wine

In viticulture, external factors such as the weather play a major role in determining the harvest yield. IoT devices support the optimization of viticulture. Enriched with past, current and predicted weather data, viticulturers are able to analyze, optimize and plan the harvest.

Open use case

Smart building information management

Intelligent building management helps to optimize resources and save costs. Electricity can be used sustainably and the owner as well as the residents are able to save money.

Open use case

Smart lighting

Intelligent lighting systems help to save electricity and thus protect the environment. By enriching live data from light bulbs with weather data, the lighting can be controlled efficiently and sustainably.

Open use case

Success with "small data:" New tricks with ensemble learning

With all the attention on Big Data, it is easy to overlook AI opportunities with small or unbalanced samples - or “Small Data.” Success with Small Data requires specialized analytics. Cloud trends like edge-computing will further expand Small Data opportunities.

Open use case

Treat data as a product like cars: Assign a product manager

German Chancellor Merkel is warning German companies to exploit the value creation potential of data or be in for a rude awakening. But how to flip the switch to a data-centric business? A first good step would be “Product Management.”

Open use case
Behavioral Data mobility smart city Urban Space

The space race: How new data could reshape every neighbourhood

Are you planning to rent an apartment, buy a house, locate an office? The arrival and success of Robotaxis, van-pool shuttles and autonomous vehicles will radically alter consumption of urban space - roads, parking - and ignite a race to reuse it.

Open use case
Automotive digital twin Manufacturing

Digital twins: Simulate and save – Our digital brake example

Mistakes and errors slow down production and cost money. How to prevent it? "Frontloading" with digital twins can do the trick. Wouldn't it be ideal to identify defects prior to production?

Open use case
bike sharing mobility

New high quality data optimizes fleet usage

There is plenty of open source data, for example about where people live, how many cars they have registered. However, in order to optimize public transportation what's missing is dynamic data, such as data on actual people movements. The Data Intelligence Hub can help with that.

Open use case
Event Manufacturing umati

Easy and standardized connection of machines with Umati

Umati and Telekom's Data Intelligence Hub deliver consistent standards for greater data sovereignty and efficient data exchange in the industry.

Open use case
Automotive Data Exchange Data Sovereignty mobility

Fast, faster data - how to keep it safe and secure

Intelligent mobility is being used more and more. But to create this intelligence, a large amount of data is needed. In order to remain competitive as an OEM, data must be collected, analyzed and used efficiently. But how do you actually obtain the data?

Open use case

Beverage production optimization

In beverage production, different players are interdependent. To control this, data can be generated and distributed between the actors. A roles and rights system prevents the data from beeing accessed unauthorized.

Open use case
Industry4.0 Manufacturing mobility

Industry 4.0 solves quality problems

Intelligent networked machines improve the process chain and products in manufacturing companies. The Data Intelligence Hub makes Industry 4.0 possible.

Open use case
Manufacturing smart monitoring

How manufacturers acquired skills using AI

With Smart Monitoring, service technicians can easily monitor machines and production processes and react earlier - for example with the Data Intelligence Hub.

Open use case
Cloud Computing facility management

Smart human-machine communication

Artificial intelligence helps companies to monitor large amounts of data. The Data Intelligence Hub is an ecosystem for secure data exchange and analytics applications on one platform.

Open use case

Smart waste

In order to optimize waste management, data is analyzed to determine the perfect time to empty the waste. Waste bins are monitored and a sensor sends filling-level and geographical location. This enables the waste management to empty the bins efficiently.

Open use case

Data intelligence for better logistics

Stakeholders in the logistics industry can plan more efficiently by using the Data Intelligence Hub. Thanks to Data Analytics, they are always up to date.

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air quality open data

Intelligent analysis ensures clean air

Numerous data sources and algorithms are combined in the Data Intelligence Hub for a comprehensive inventory and forward-looking forecasts.

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open data smart city

Open data portal for cities

With the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, municipalities can process their data in a targeted manner and make it available to citizens – without having to build their own infrastructure.

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Fast data analysis with helpful tools and services

Easily generate value from your own and external data: Use the large number of different analysis tools the Data Intelligence Hub offers to process data and generate insights.

Screenshot von der Cloudera DataScience Workbench im Data Intelligence Hub
Data Science Workbench

Data Science Workbench

With the Cloudera Data Science Workbench, data scientists can manage their own analysis pipelines. This includes integrated planning, monitoring and email alerting. Quickly develop and prototype new machine learning projects and easily deploy them in production.

Azure Databricks


Azure Databricks is a fast, easy and collaboration-oriented analysis service based on Apache Spark. Create your big data pipelines in just a few steps based on the data collected by data lakes or streaming services. One-click setup, streamlined workflows, and an interactive workspace for data specialists, data engineers, and business analysts to collaborate.

Screenshot vom Dashboarding-Tool Grafana von Grafana Labs im Data Intelligence Hub


Grafana Labs' free-to-use dashboarding tool Grafana helps you keep track of everything. It is very common because it is very mature and stable.

some alt text

H2O's H2O open source service is a Java backend for machine learning applications. It comes either for beginners with a pre-set frontend or can be controlled via APIs using programming languages, such as Python, R or Java. It brings some of their own implementations of popular ML algorithms that are among the best in the market.

IBM Watson Studio
IBM: Watson Studio

IBM: Watson Studio

Organizations are now tapping data science and artificial intelligence (AI) as a technology-enabled business strategy. Experimentation is accelerating across multiple clouds. IBM Watson Studio is a leading data science and machine learning platform built from the ground up for an AI-powered business. It helps enterprises simplify the process of experimentation to deployment, speed data exploration and model development and training, and scale data science operations across the lifecycle. IBM Watson Studio empowers organizations to tap into data assets and inject predictions into business processes and modern applications and then optimize business value with visual data science and decision optimization. It's suited for hybrid multicloud environments that demand mission-critical performance, security and governance —in public clouds, in private clouds, on-premises and on the desktop.

Screenshot von der Open-Source-Workbench Jupyter von NumFocus im Data Intelligence Hub
Jupyter (Hub / Notebook)

Jupyter (Hub / Notebook)

This NumFocus open source workbench is similar to easy-to-use text document processing software. Unlike the default editor, it provides the user with meaningful and efficient features to easily access data and other resources.

Screenshot von der Workbench Rstudio im Data Intelligence Hub


RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE for short) that allows you to analyze data in the R programming language. The workbench includes a console, a syntax highlighting editor that supports direct code execution, and tools for plotting, history, debugging, and workspace management.

Screenshot vom Tool Zeppelin von Apache im Data Intelligence Hub


Developed by the Apache open source community, this tool helps with data acquisition, recognition, analysis and visualization. The interpreters allow you to attach code in any language to Zeppelin with support for Apache Spark, R, Hive, Shell, Cassandra, and more.

Strong network

Benefit from the network of Deutsche Telekom: Forge alliances, meet with customers and service providers of all sizes and industries – for more joint success.

Customer voices

“It is absolutely vital for companies to protect their sensitive business information. It is therefore hugely important that the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub enables them to decide for themselves under what conditions they allow partners access to their data.”
Lars Nagel
Managing Director IDSA
“What is fundamentally different about the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is that it's the first commercial system to be deployed that is compliant with the specification released in late 2017 by the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA)."
Martin Garner
from CSS Insights
“DT’s new Data Intelligence Hub illuminates DT’s ambitions to be a neutral data custodian on behalf of enterprise. Excellent security credentials and empowering business customers with data sovereignty combine to give very strong possibilities.“
Joel Stradling
from Global Data

Data Intelligence Hub Journal

One Cloud for Europe - GaiaX

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Lina Hinterseer
Lina Hinterseer
25. Jun 2020

Digital business models in Industry 4.0 - Data is becoming increasingly important for production

In modern times, digital business models are the fundamental differentiator of future competitiveness in Industry 4.0 and are becoming increasingly important. In order to better understand data-driven business models, the platform industry 4.0 provides a number of examples of why they are advantageous for the future. Read more

Dr. Karsten Schweichhart
Dr. Karsten Schweichhart
25. Jun 2020

IDSA Virtual Expo – The first virtual event!

At a time when trade fairs and congresses cannot be held due to the corona pandemic, digital alternatives are becoming increasingly important for maintaining economic development. For this reason, the International Data Space Association will convert the joint stand planned for the Hannover Messe into a virtual event. Read more

Dr. Karsten Schweichhart
Dr. Karsten Schweichhart
27. May 2020

Material order optimization

All materials must be "just-in-time" so orders must be coordinated with all actors in order to ensure smooth delivery. Data processing helps to optimize the process. Everyone recieves the relevant data and a translation service ensures, that there are no missunderstandings. Read more

Lina Hinterseer
Lina Hinterseer
23. Apr 2020

Self-Determined Business in the Industry 4.0 Through Collaborative Condition Monitoring

All participants along the value chain can profit from collaborative use of data. The new Use Case "Collaborative Condition Monitoring" shows how this can be accomplished. Read more

Lina Hinterseer
Lina Hinterseer
23. Jun 2020

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