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The first marketplace for secure data exchange for business customers and AI analysis methods and tools.

Our best solution for companies to exchange controlled and transparent information for data-driven product and service innovations.

Data Intelligence Hub

Exclusively for business customers

Data Intelligence Hub

Create value safely from data

Data is the new gold: Use the Data Intelligence Hub as an efficient platform for secure data exchange, processing and analysis. At all times, you retain full sovereignty over your data.
Our goal: the development of new data-driven services and applications for machine learning or artificial intelligence.

Develop new business areas

Get more information for better results – by enabling you to more effectively share data with each other to create new, future-oriented, competitive and data-driven business models.

Optimize processes

Do not just exchange, take advantage: The Data Intelligence Hub transforms existing or acquired unstructured data into business intelligence with AI and analytics specialists or tools.

Maximize data benefits

Your corporate data is your capital: By monetizing your own data assets on the Data Intelligence Hub, you can tap into additional sources of revenue in a simple, transparent and secure manner.

How to use the Data Intelligence Hub

As a data marketplace

buy and sell data

over 1 million valuable records

available online immediately

useful algorithms for efficient search

open records

commercial data

varied process data

As a cloud analysis tool

ready-to-use analysis and AI / AI tools

easy integration of own and purchased data

grows with your needs: from free trial to unlimited storage and computing capabilities

cost savings, since no own complicated IT infrastructure necessary

results are accessible to the entire team at all times, enabling collaborative work on a project

As a data infrastructure

secure data storage and exchange

compliance with all legal guidelines

guaranteed sovereignty and complete control over your own data

a home for your data with easy and extensive access rights management

easily integrate your existing infrastructure with the Data Intelligence Hub Connector

This is how the Data Intelligence Hub works

The Data Intelligence Hub offers you the perfect platform for exchanging, buying and selling data. It also provides easy access to data manipulation and analysis tools such as Internet of Things services and machine learning or artificial intelligence applications.

Secure Data Marketplace

The Data Intelligence Hub is one of the first platforms for secure data exchange. One special feature is the ability of participating companies to share data with end-to-end encryption – without external or centralized data storage. With just a few clicks, you can access many valuable datasets that effectively add value. We handle all the technology behind it – from the infrastructure to connectivity and security measures.

Big data analytics in the cloud

The best analytics experts and their algorithms and tools are always at your fingertips with the Data Intelligence Hub. Access a full suite of analytics tools without upfront investments. From open source and commercial offerings, choose exactly the tool that helps you create your solution. Your entire team has access to cloud storage at any time and can work in parallel on new findings and their application in real time.

Full control over your own data

All your data in one place – so you have everything in view and under full control. Manage data, analytics tools, and insights through your personalized user interface withcontrol settings, access rights, and usage statistics in just a few steps. So you can always see who is buying and using your information. Also, sophisticated access rights management makes it easy to exclude certain users – such as competitors – from using your data.

Compliance with all relevant privacy policies

As the first solution on the market, the Data Intelligence Hub complies with the principles developed by the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA). These extremely high security standards are aimed at creating virtual data rooms that support secure data exchange and easy linking in business ecosystems across national borders. At the same time, with the Data Intelligence Hub, the Data Intellegence Hub ensures a secure infrastructure for data exchange along the entire data value chain, taking the high data protection standards into account.

Security during data exchange and storage

Data security is a top priority in the Data Intelligence Hub. Know-how and expertise are necessary to cover all safety aspects and to ensure the user a secure and efficient data exchange. With its high security standards, Telekom is the perfect partner for all user groups in this highly sensitive area.

Open and independent

The Data Intelligence Hub is always available as a cloud-based solution. At the same time, we made sure during the development that the platform can be used independently of the terminal device and system without any technical restrictions. So data can be purchased and sold almost limitlessly. Companies can take advantage of the Data Intelligence Hub regardless of the technology they use. So we want to inspire more and more companies to trade data in the market place. In addition, there is no risk of vendor lock-ins.

A place for all industries

The goal of the Data Intelligence Hub is to bring together vendors and stakeholders across industries to help solve complex issues with the right data and AI / AI tools. Today almost any company still operates only in its own industry, the advantage for all involved increases with the variety and number of users.

Simply integrated thanks to the connector

How do you get your data into the Data Intelligence Hub, or how do you use the information you’ve purchased in combination with your own data? Quite simply: via the connector. The application based on the open source software Apache Kafka stores and processes data streams and provides an interface for loading and exporting data streams into your company systems. Especially suitable for large amounts of data, the connector can be installed locally or on your server. The data exchange then takes place either via the cloud or directly via peer-to-peer.

Fast data analysis with helpful tools and services

Easily generate value from your own and external data: Use the large number of different analysis tools the Data Intelligence Hub offers to process data and generate insights.

Data Science Workbench

With the Cloudera Data Science Workbench, data scientists can manage their own analysis pipelines. This includes integrated planning, monitoring and email alerting. Quickly develop and prototype new machine learning projects and easily deploy them in production.


Grafana Labs' free-to-use dashboarding tool Grafana helps you keep track of everything. It is very common because it is very mature and stable.

H2O's H2O open source service is a Java backend for machine learning applications. It comes either for beginners with a pre-set frontend or can be controlled via APIs using programming languages, such as Python, R or Java. It brings some of their own implementations of popular ML algorithms that are among the best in the market.

IBM: Data Science Experience

With IBM Data Science Experience, users have an interactive, collaborative and cloud-based environment in which data scientists can use multiple tools to gain information. Data Science Experience integrates with RStudio, Jupyter, and Python in a configured collaborative environment.

Jupyter (Hub / Notebook)

This NumFocus open source workbench is similar to easy-to-use text document processing software. Unlike the default editor, it provides the user with meaningful and efficient features to easily access data and other resources.


RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE for short) that allows you to analyze data in the R programming language. The workbench includes a console, a syntax highlighting editor that supports direct code execution, and tools for plotting, history, debugging, and workspace management.


Developed by the Apache open source community, this tool helps with data acquisition, recognition, analysis and visualization. The interpreters allow you to attach code in any language to Zeppelin with support for Apache Spark, R, Hive, Shell, Cassandra, and more.

Our partner ecosystem

Together, more successful: The Data Intelligence Hub as a data marketplace benefits from the diversity of its participating companies. Meet companies from different industries and create new value together.


At Cloudera, we believe data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. With Cloudera’s modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud, you can transform vast amounts of complex data into clear and actionable insights. The world’s leading organizations choose Cloudera to grow their businesses, improve lives, and advance human achievement. Achieve the impossible with Cloudera.

Detecon Consulting

Detecon International is one of the world’s leading management consulting companies, which combines classic management consulting with outstanding technological expertise. The synergy and deep understanding of both domains simultaneously will determine the future performance of every company, especially in the field of managing data and advanced analytics in the data sharing economy.

DETECON Digital Engineering Center

The Digital Engineering Center consistently combines first-time advice and innovation with high-tech expertise and ensures the In our 4 competence areas – Co-Innovation, Analytical Intelligence, Industrial, Cyber Security – our experts develop, hand in hand with our clients, future proof data centric solutions to secure the transfer from the innovation ecosystem into practice. Based on our Data Thinking methodology we accompany our clients systematically from ideation towards a data centric enterprise.


IBM - Let's put smart to work. Technology has to be more than smart. Technologies like AI, cloud, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) will change the world. But only if they can be effectively trained, trusted and applied. Together with our clients, IBM is putting smart to work.

IBM Data Science Experience

IBM Data Science Experience is an enterprise data science platform that provides teams with the broadest set of open source and data science tools for any skill set, the flexibility to build and deploy anywhere in a multicloud environment, and the ability to operationalize data science results faster.


In Germany, KPMG is one of the leading auditing and consulting firms. Since October 2016, the data & analytics team of KPMG unites its benchmarking and data analytics competencies into KPMG’s Center of Excellence “Lighthouse”. According to analysts, KPMG is often rated as “a Leader” in Data&Analytics. Customers benefit from a strong global network of D&A professionals with a clear focus on technology and innovation.


Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks One in four Azure virtual machines run Linux. Why? Because Azure supports the open source technologies millions of you already rely on and trust.


Motionlogic provides sound analyses of traffic and movement streams based on anonymous signaling data from the mobile communication network.


Approximately 1,900 employees of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions conduct projects for customers from the broadest range of areas such as the healthcare, financial and automotive sectors. We inspire with diversity and impressive specifications and transform visions into innovations. Our versatility sets us apart from other service providers in our sector. Thanks to our employees’ skills, strong company structures and mature partnerships, we are broad-based and can operate using complex processes. And our success with customers shows that our approach is the right one: successful projects and satisfied customers are the standards by which we measure our expertise and market position. After all, we want to lead the way in designing and reshaping digital worlds.

The Weather Company | An IBM Business

The Weather Company provides the world's leading technology platforms and services leveraging weather and related data. We enable businesses and their customers to make informed decisions — and take action — in the face of weather. This means we can help you decrease business costs, increase profit, improve safety and save lives.

Customer voices

"Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is built on well-proven technologies that are widely adopted in cloud services, in enterprise IT and, increasingly, in IoT projects. It will often be a more natural fit both technically and commercially than platforms based on blockchains.”
Martin Garner
from CSS Insights
“It is absolutely vital for companies to protect their sensitive business information. It is therefore hugely important that the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub enables them to decide for themselves under what conditions they allow partners access to their data.”
Lars Nagel
Managing Director IDSA
“What is fundamentally different about the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is that it's the first commercial system to be deployed that is compliant with the specification released in late 2017 by the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA)."
Martin Garner
from CSS Insights
“DT’s new Data Intelligence Hub illuminates DT’s ambitions to be a neutral data custodian on behalf of enterprise. Excellent security credentials and empowering business customers with data sovereignty combine to give very strong possibilities.“
Joel Stradling
from Global Data

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